Trees of Mystery

The Brotherhood Tree
Even after losing 74 feet of it's top in a in a storm, its still one of the largest living things in the world.

The Cathedral Tree
Nine trees in one. Worlds largest Cathedral Tree! Approximately 800 to 1000 years ago a very large tree stood in the middle of this formation. When it fell it didn't die. The roots and burls of the stump sprouted and these nine trees happened to grow together in a circle around the original mother tree's stump, which has long since rotted away. This tree is the site of Easter services each year and also many, many weddings.

This is the Candlabra tree. Another example of the Redwoods tenacity for life. A fallen Redwood will commonly send shoots up as new trees and indeed this is how many trees get their starts. Go here for more information on the Amazing Redwoods.

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Trees of Mystery

Trees of Mystery
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