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We visit the Yurok "Brush Dance" ceremonial site. Learn ancient traditions and share in the living history of these native American people. Who are they? Where did they come from? What is the "Brush Dance"? What makes them so unique among western tribes? What are they doing here and now? What is their future?

When Horace Greely* advised in 1851 "Go west, young man," he was pointing toward the Victorian village of Ferndale. This charming little community is the westernmost town in the contiguous United States and welcomes visitors with open arms and warms smiles.

While enjoying the reputation as one of the California's most beautiful treasures, Fern Canyon is still under-visited and is a favorite of FunBus Passengers. Drivers of vehicles greater than 24 feet in length are prohibited from driving the narrow route and others are dissuaded by the seven-miles of gravel road to Gold Bluffs Beach and Fern Canyon.

The FunBus will leave Crescent City Noon each Thursday and Saturday listed below. We will travel south along Highway 101 through a magnificent grove of giant redwood trees. While retracing Jedediah Smith's extraordinary trek through America's Wild Rivers Coast, our driver will share with us Tolowa and Yurok tribal history and lore.

CRANBERRY BOG - Demonstration of Cranberry harvest techniques at a grower's bog.

OCEAN SPRAY PROCESSING PLANT - Tour escorted by plant manager Paul Bauge: Receiving, washing, sorting, packaging and shipping process at the world's largest cranberry retailer.

LUNCH AND SHOPPING - Your choice in Old Town Bandon.

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