Mendocino County

Mendocino County

We’re not sure exactly what it is in Mendocino County that sets us apart, but we can feel the difference. Maybe it’s the big hush of the redwood forests midday or the way the day slips into night on the coast that reminds us to slow down and enjoy life, which we’re really good at. We have always been mindful of the environment, with many businesses practicing exactly what they preach. We are keen on green living, and it shows in our daily lives. We have more artists per capita than any other rural county, (and have the galleries and playhouses to prove it). Our winemakers are passionate and their tasting rooms are welcoming. We eat the foods we grow ourselves, serving dishes prepared by meticulous chefs in award winning kitchens and at boisterous events across the county. The best part is, we’re really excited to share our Mendo Life with you.

Just a couple of hours north of the Golden Gate Bridge lies a largely undiscovered gem of a getaway destination.

Unspoiled, uncrowded, unforgettable Mendocino County.
Pristine trails and beaches, award-winning wineries, plenty of excellent places to stay, whales to watch, rivers to canoe, fish to fry, redwoods to hike through, arts to inspire, festivals to delight and romances to kindle.  Or simply unwind and enjoy.   Mendocino County, Northern California – the getaway you’ll never forget.  Visit today. Or call 1-866-StayMendo.

PO Box 550
Little River, CA 95456
Main: 866-637-MCLA
Email: [email protected]

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Directions: From the South, Mendocino County starts just past Sonoma County, approximately 90 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. You can access it from Highway 101, or historic Highway 1.

From the East, drive through beautiful Lake County on Highway 20 to 101.

From the North, Mendocino County starts just below the "Avenue of the Giants" south of Garberville.
Mendocino County

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