Mendocino County Events

Some celebrate the whales who visit each spring and fall, others the bounty of our wine, some are delicious culinary festivals, others give tribute to the arts.

Come and enjoy sports festivals, like California’s Oldest Continuous Rodeo, dance and sing at musical events, discover healthy, organic treats at Farmers Markets across the county, or join in on fun created especially for kids.

All Four Seasons are full of ways to celebrate our Wine, our food, our spectacular gifts of Nature, our storied Heritage, our penchant for all the Arts, they are Community Celebrations, we are a county of proud communities…

From Fort Bragg to Hopland, Gualala to Covelo, the people of Mendocino County invite you to the celebrations. The events listed below are enjoyed by large numbers of our guests.

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Mendocino County Events

Mendocino County Events
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