Del Norte County

Del Norte County

Del Norte County, The Real Northern California and part of America’s Wild River Coast, is world-renowned for its towering ancient redwoods, the pristine waters of its wild and scenic Klamath Smith rivers, world-class fishing, and exceptional bird watching. Located in the most northwestern corner of California on the rugged Pacific coast, its spectacular beaches, abundant wildlife, and majestic redwood forests provide pure unspoiled nature and a magical place to get away from it all.

Del Norte’s diverse ecosystems create a region with vast species of thriving animals, mammals and plants. Whether you’re a rugged outdoor adventurer looking for heart-pounding thrills and excitement, or someone who wants to take it slow and breathe in the fresh air and take in the soothing sights of nature, The Real Northern California is the place to hike, bike, boat, fish, swim, and just have fun. And it’s a place where you can spend endless days simply enjoying the wildflowers, birds, whales, and natural scenic wonders.

Del Norte is steeped in the History and Heritage of a rugged past. An amazing eighty percent of the county is Redwood National and State Parks, a perfect place to escape the stresses of daily life. It’s the Easter Lily Capital of the World and home to two Historic Lighthouses with dramatic stories to reveal. While driving through, you’ll find five main Cities and Towns but try not to sneeze or you miss them. Crescent City, the largest, is only 1.6 square miles. Be sure to check the Attractions, Outdoor Adventures and Events you can only find in this very special place.

1001 Front Street
Crescent City, CA 95531
Main: 800-343-8300 Fax: 707-464-9676

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Del Norte County
Where the Redwoods Meet the Sea!

Del Norte County
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